About company

Future coating System

We are Future Color Company, established in 2022, in the business of manufacturing Automotive Paints, Wood Coatings and Industrial Coatings, including Boxes and Marine Coatings.

Despite the economic difficulties and global challenges, the company overcame the difficulties and problems the company has gained preference and distinction among companies and with the certificate Of banks, in addition to integrity in dealing with everyone, customer confidence, credibility in dealing and product quality, and we have a precedent of work with governmental and non-governmental agencies.

At Future Coating System, we believe high-quality paint that delivers world-class color matching should not cost a fortune. That’s why we developed our state-of-the-art paint systems using the best Germany technology.

We have one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the business; from Body Fillers to Clear Coats, and everything in between, all designed to work in unison to enhance the simplicity and efficiency Of our paint system.

We believe that color matching should not be achieved by trial and error, but must be consistent and accurate. That’s why we created very latest technology.

We believe in giving our customers refinish systems that are straightforward, easy to use, and deliver world-class color solutions at an incredible value.

  • Our Vision
    Our vision is to serve the global market with technologically advanced products always in reasonable prices for every professional who wants high quality results.
    It is our commitment to offer our end users, increased operational effectiveness and innovation, in their daily business.
    Committed to excellence in product and service brand and distinction, we also keep the confidence and never let her down from our customers and finally we add value to create a difference.
  • Our Mission
    To continue to manufacture the highest quality paints and supplies products and expand our product recognition through integrity, customer service and reliability.
  • Our Value
    Building bridges of trust with customers with flexible, clear technological solutions that really on the expertise of the work team to keep place with the aspirations, requirements of the area and its changes and to reach a high level that leads to increasing exports to foreign countries and expanding work with major countries.